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The Challenge
Vertiball is a portable massage product that allows users to pinpoint tense muscles. As the sole designer on this unique project I worked closely with the founder from concept through manufacturing and production. This included an extensive product design process that produced over 200 prototypes and iterations. I completed the project with a playful logo and informative packaging that places the product on display from first unboxing. This project has experienced success on many levels, including a successful kickstarter campaign, securing their first venture capital financing round and now with fast growing online sales. 

Vertiball is:
Mountable - The mobile mounting system allows Vertiball to mount onto smooth surfaces. 
Portable - You can take it with you anywhere. Muscles are unpredictable, alleviate the pain anytime, anywhere. 
Precise - Simply lean on Vertiball with your body weight to easily relieve muscle knots and tension.
Purchase or learn more about Vertiball here:

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